Thomas Mwambay - Snellville City Council Post 2

Age: N/A

Occupation: N/A

Education: Biochemistry major at IMARA High School in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; bachelor's degree in biology from Georgia State University; master's degree in computer information systems management from DeVry University

Lived in the City Since: N/A

Political Experience: N/A

Community Involvement: Member of Snellville United Methodist Church; member of the U.S. Chess Federation; former member of the Pastor Perish Committee at Winters Chapel United Methodist Church; former vice-president of the African Student Association at Georgia State University; and recipient of the Senior Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service at Georgia State.

What would you like to accomplish if elected?

Primary objectives are: to improve the cleanliness of the whole city; promote economic development; enhance public safety; provide after-school education services; and better communication between the residents and their government officials.