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Apple on Monday quietly announced new versions the iPad Air and iPad mini, the company's first refresh for those products in years.


Facebook, the world's largest social network, relied on Twitter on Wednesday to explain that its apps were experiencing outages around the world.


Do you know who's lurking over your shoulder? They might be trying to get a peek at your financial information.

What is Shoulder Surfing?

Shoulder surfing is when a would-be thief spies over your shoulder while you're using your financial data. They're not just nosy – they're trying to get a peak, so they can steal your details for their own purposes.

Shoulder surfing can happen any time that your financial information could be visible or audible to others. Here are some common scenarios that are golden opportunities for shoulder surfers:

  • Keying in your PIN at the ATM or a bank teller
  • Using your debit or credit card and PIN to pay for a point-of-sale transaction in a store
  • Paying for gas at the pump
  • Signing into a banking app or website using a debit or credit card number or a username and password on a mobile de...

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Your smartphone is probably full of fun apps, but we have one more app to add to help you deal with a painful task: your taxes. Did you know that the IRS has a free smartphone app to help taxpayers handle basic tax-related functions? They do, and it has been in existence since 2011.

The IRS2Go mobile app can be downloaded from Amazon, Google Play, or the Apple App Store. The latest version, IRS2Go 5.4.3, is available for Amazon and Android operating systems on virtually all devices, and on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running iOS9.0 or later.

Why would you want to be able to access IRS information on your smartphone? You can perform a variety of useful tasks and seek tax information anywhere that your mobile phone has access to a signal. Here are a few examples of the available IRS services.

  • Check Your Refund – Once the IRS has acknowledged receipt of your e-filed return, you can start checking the status of your re...

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Gone are the days of having to call a 1-800 number to interact with customer service teams. With the rise of social media, support is often available around the clock. If you've ever called out a company on social media for bad service, you know they can be quick to respond. Don't be in a rush to dive in and hand over your details – a relatively new scam called “angler phishing” targets social media users by impersonating legitimate support accounts. You could be at risk.

What Exactly is Angler Phishing?

Picture this: your bank just bounced a check they shouldn't have, and now your insurance company is claiming you missed a payment. Understandably, you're steamed. You tag your bank in a scathing social media post about the terrible service. Next thing you know, the bank's support account responds inviting you to click a link to chat with them directly to resolve the...

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You're a pretty tech-savvy person. You know how to avoid common scams. You can spot phishing e-mails a mile away – even spear phishing e-mails tailored specifically to fool you.

Would you like to put your skills to the test?

Jigsaw offers an online quiz to test your phish-detecting acumen. The quiz, based on the results of multiple worldwide security training sessions, features eight modified examples of real-life phishing scams – including the infamous attack that tricked John Podesta into allowing Russian hackers access to Hillary Clinton's campaign. All quiz questions are challenging and relatively subtle – there are no stereotypical Nigerian princes here. Since Jigsaw is a division of Google, you can trust that it’s legit; Google probably already knows more about you than you suspect!

You're presented with a fictional e-mail and asked to determine whether it's legitimate or a phishin...

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