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Within days of the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis Police Officer, as well as the preceding death of Breona Taylor and other Black and brown Americans who were victims of unjustified force by local law enforcement officers, the racial justice protest movement began all across the country.

President George W. Bush wanted to reduce carbon emissions into our atmosphere, so with an assist from Congress, motor fuel across the country soon after had a 5-15% mix of ethanol. Ethanol comes primarily from corn, burns cleaner than fossil fuels, and was determined to be a safe “bridge” fuel to future and better technologies. Bush was also a Texas oilman and knew more than a little something about the energy business. The ethanol fuel did deliver less noxious emissions, and overall air quality did improve. That is the plus side. And here are some of the minuses... Over-production of corn, particularly in the Midwest, has caused the erosion of topsoil in multiple states, running off largely into the Mississippi River, carrying with it fertilizer and pesticides. The fertilizer and its strong nitrogen counts flowed downstream into the Gulf of Mexico, causing algae blooms along the shoreline and miles out to sea, which can now be viewed from space, are choking off multiple forms of aquatic life and are requiring significant environmental remediation downstream.

Not much more than one month into this pandemic, millions of American were losing their jobs or going from full to part-time, under-employed, to unemployed, and increasingly… self-employed.

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For the third time in as many months, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was holding a press conference to acknowledge the tragedy of another child killed, this time among the crossfire of 20 shootings in just one Atlanta weekend.

For centuries it was a sacred Indian burial ground. Later is became the site of one of the most commercially viable granite quarries in the nation, with its granite now forming the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court, one side of the U.S. Capitol building, and the walls of Fort Knox. And since 1958, the world's largest granite out-cropping has been a Georgia State Park and Confederate Memorial.

If you are among those who have already received your first COVID-19 vaccine, the J&J one-shot, or awaiting only your second vaccine dose, then thank you for doing your part, and we'll see you here again, same time, same place next week.

I certainly give Major League Baseball (MLB) and Jackie Robinson credit for breaking the color barrier and slowly ending segregation within the sport.