Two recent letters to the editor cite that 97 percent of climate scientist adhere to the man-made climate change theory. That 97 percent figure has been debunked. It was a compilation of articles of self-identified climate scientist several years ago.

Of all those articles, only about 30 percent even reached a conclusion about climate change — 97 percent of the 30 percent concluded that some climate change is man-made. Also, since the study was released, some of the 97 percent have changed their position.

There is just a strong lobby for the green industry as there is for the fossil fuel industry. Al Gore became a billionaire promoting his interest in green energy companies and the government subsidies that came with it.

Climate has changed ever since there has been climate. There has always been trends of cooling and warming; with more cooling phases than warming phases.

What is man’s footprint on the earth? Seventy percent of the earth is water and another 29 percent is desert, wilderness, agriculture and arctic areas. Man occupies 1 percent.

It is not a settled issue. Equally credentialed scientist are on both sides of the issue.

Daisy Cook, Lawrenceville