I laugh at those who are suddenly outraged at Russian meddling in our political affairs. I don’t like Russian meddling in our affairs but I know they have been meddling in our affairs since before the American Communist Party became an arm of the Russian Communist Party before World War II.

Russia has a long history of interfering in the political process of other nations, but so does the United States. The American Communist Party vociferously opposed American involvement in war-torn Europe until Germany attacked Russia and then suddenly demanded immediate involvement by the U.S. against the Germans thus showing Russia’s true agenda.

The United States’ long history of interfering in South American nations is legendary. Our CIA was even planning to assassinate Cuba’s Fidel Castro after the American backed invasion at the Bay of Pigs, Cuba failed. President Obama tried to directly influence the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom. Obama also sent millions of American taxpayer dollars to Israel in the effort to influence the failed electoral defeat of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. I do not necessarily disagree with American efforts to influence efforts to influence foreign elections, but I am not naive enough to believe we should be immune from “reciprocal” efforts to influence our elections.

I believe that Russia was responsible for leaking Hillary’s e-mails and for revealing the political and financial outrages committed by the Clintons, but I am equally offended by the truth that these Clinton shenanigans were purposely ignored by most major media. To believe Vlad Putin is Trump’s “best bud” is actually quite stupid.

Ernest Wade, Loganville