Both your columnists Rob Jenkins and Darrell Huckaby are or have been teachers. We don’t envy their students; we can only hope that they – and your readers – have reached the fortunate stage of being able to distinguish bad instruction from good.

Based on their columns on May 17 — Huckaby’s was titled ”Who can we trust in this ‘crisis of confidence’?” — it’s hard for us to pick which columnist-teacher is worse.

But let’s start with Professor Jenkins. In a remarkably tortured analysis — “Now we know who the real fascists are” — somehow he would have us equate progressives with fascists. Wow.

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We hope that if that’s his lecture, that one of his students will raise her hand and say: “Gee, I thought the progressives were the folks who understood that 40% of the people in this country don’t have $400 in reserve and, if that’s too abstract to appreciate, they’re the ones in the miles-long lines today hoping to get for food for their families.

“Progressives seem to want people to be able to pay their rent, which so many struggle to do even when they actually have a job – or two; and to have people who are ill be able to go to the doctor. Professor, I guess you need to explain to me again why people with these aims are fascists because I think you are as wrong as could be.”

We’d hope many of your readers would reach the same conclusion as the smart young student.

For ourselves, we put the concept of “progressives are fascists” in the same off-the-rails category as “Hey, maybe drinking bleach will kill your coronavirus.”

John C. Bambach, Jr.

Lee Ann Bambach


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