Perhaps Americans need to be reminded of broken promises. In order to obtain the massive 1986 amnesty of illegal aliens, we were devoutly promised that: 1. Strict internal labor law enforcement would remove all illegal workers within our borders, 2. Our borders would be secured, 3. There would never be another amnesty of illegal aliens.

Well, thanks to Teddy Kennedy and fellow travelers, all of these provisions were immediately gutted because of greedy employers. The lusting for cheap labor demanded this gutting of provisions that provided protections of American workers. Actually, Teddy Kennedy purposely gutted the provisions largely because he viewed illegal aliens as future Democrat supporters. Teddy was evidently right.

Passage of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) effectively gave Canada a trading advantage over United States companies thanks our military protection shield allowed them to minimize their military, and even more damaging, encouraged American companies to move production to Mexico to the detriment of American workers.

We were promised by NAFTA backers that illegal immigration from our south would effectively cease when American jobs were moved south, but actually this idiotic decision did not even cause a speed bump to massive illegal immigration from Mexico and other countries from their south. How long will we tolerate the tidal wave of illegal immigration which adversely affects our nation?

Ernest Wade, Loganville