Has the Daily Post now fully adopted an anti-Trump stance no matter what position in news reporting as well as editorially?

For example, the story “Trump continues his attack on the free press” that ran on Sept. 6 on the World and Nation page. That statement is not supported by any evidence. Nor has President Trump disregarded the free press. He has simply stated that the press has itself shown disregard for fairness, a view shared by others, including many in media.

Then there’s another World and Nation brief (“Tillerson chaos lays bare Kelly’s struggle in W.H., Sept. 8, 5C) about alleged chaos in the White House. Kelly is not pleased with alleged tension according to one (unnamed) source. But there is no mention that the “chaos” has been denied publicly repeatedly by many White House sources.

Where’s the objectivity in either of these so-called news articles?

Ron Wade, Snellville