Candidate Trump has been recorded bragging that he is the “King of Debt,” and that why should he spend his own money when he can live lavishly on other peoples’? He is now running our nation’s economy the same way, by spending trillions of borrowed dollars and further exploding our national debt.

Trump’s recent $1.4 trillion in tax cuts, primarily benefited large corporations, billionaires and millionaires with permanent tax reductions, while spreading a few crumbs to middle class Americans with a five-year cut off. Now, he wants more than a trillion dollars to rebuild our infrastructure, which we sorely need but can ill afford since he has already fractured our budget with his unnecessary tax giveaways.

Then there is his famous 20-foot tall border wall he insists upon building along our Southern border ,which may cost 20-plus billion. This could be a good thing, unless someone South of the wall comes up with a 25-foot ladder.

Now he wants to have a military parade in Washington, D.C., to show off our military might which may cost another $30 million. We are the most powerful nation in the world, and the whole world knows it. We’re not North Korea, China or Russia. We have no need to flaunt our strength, except to satisfy Trump’s insatiable need to brag and boast. I

It is becoming increasingly obvious that his colossal ego is something that American can no longer afford.

M. D. Bence, Sugar Hill