Fear, anxiety and unrest. I am in awe at seeing our nation in turmoil. Why is it that after just after a couple of weeks of this presidency, different fragments of the American society are feeling on edge?

Does fear, uncertainty and hate makes America “great”?

Many would argue that the Donald Trump era is undeniably at a pivotal point in history for all American citizens.

The heinous actions of extremist groups in the name of Islam along with the lack of knowledge has resulted in a spike in hate crimes against Muslims, but it has been disappointing to me as a Muslim that President Trump has yet to shun them. I have yet to hear a word of solace from my president telling me that he will keep me safe too.

I do believe that not all is lost. I have seen the outpouring of love for American Muslims — not only in the form of gifts and letters of support — but also from non-Muslims vowing to register as Muslim in defiance of a possible all-Muslim registry and ban.

Let us change fear into understanding by conversation and dialogue. Find a “Coffee, Cake and True Islam” event near you to meet American Muslims ready to answer your questions.

Saima Ahmad, Suwanee