This letter is in reference to Rob Jenkins’ column (“I’m a global warming skeptic,” Oct. 22, 2C). First, there is a huge difference between skepticism, which is essential to science, and denialism or worse — deliberate deception.

Agreed, scientists are not always great communicators, especially in ways the general public understands, but it is factual that 97 percent of climate scientists state unequivocally that global planetary warming is real and human caused.

The consensualism Mr. Jenkins speaks of seems to be happening primarily in the political realm, where fossil fuel magnates spend billions of dollars influencing legislation and promoting confusion among the American electorate, thereby creating an artificial sense of plausible deniability.

Second, whether or not warming is a “good thing” depends entirely upon where you live and the resources you have, but for the vast majority of earth’s inhabitants, it’s a very bad thing — with increased megastorms, droughts, famines, wildfires, extinctions, forced migrations, etc. Oceans have served as an enormous repository for excess heat generated so far, and they are warming so significantly that coral reefs (nurseries) are bleaching and dying rapidly. In 2016, 29 percent of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef suffered this fate.

It’s astonishing that a college professor who asserts he is looking for truth does not seem aware of the overwhelming scientific evidence for warming. With so much at stake, we have everything to gain by making changes that will improve life quality for all. We ignore science, promoting ignorance, at our great peril.

Kathe Gowland, Lilburn