In the Daily Post's article regarding Georgia Gwinnett College professor Fang Zhou ("GGC professor criticized for comments on social media," June 12, 1A) it is obvious he is being treated like a criminal because he stands up to political correctness and opposes the left leaning media in America today.

His stand on immigration is simply a conservative professor giving the facts the way he sees them. At the same time, liberal professors across America are not criticized, and are considered, without question, to be honored and praised. One need only look and listen to the garbage being spread by the ultra left in colleges and universities. T

Those same liberals in the press paid homage to the riots in Berkeley, California when a conservative individual was to simply make a speech regarding a subject the student body might be offended by. We could make a long list of other places where the liberal professors and media are destroying the First Amendment while claiming to support it.

Professor Zhou repeated several times that he is giving his viewpoint while opening the discourse to any and all who agree or disagree with him. He even says he is not worried about his security. This is truly naive because many conservatives have been attacked on the street and by the media.

The media is saying that if you object to political correctness you are a fool and need to be treated as one. And by the way, there is nothing correct about the politically correctness.

My guess is that Georgia Gwinnett College will expel the professor for his stand. Its aim is in concert with everything going on in America today. The youth are being taught trash while leaving out what this country was founded on. While American History is abandoned, this new age of leveling the playing field is the core of the destruction of everything this great nation was founded on.

Political correct is hog wash. Acceptance of millions of illegal immigrants is not going to lead anywhere.

Don Ashworth, Loganville

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