I’m concerned that this recent spate of monument lawlessness will see criminals attempt to topple the various Confederate war monuments around Atlanta and its suburbs. Though I do not side with the Confederacy and their main reasons for fighting, I believe the chaos that comes from the unlawful destruction of these monuments will lead to no good end for our cities.

I firmly believe the decision for or against the removal of monuments must be discussed locally like rational citizens with decisions being made locally. Those who oppose this process are enemies to the political system we all enjoy that protects the very right for one to voice such an oposing opinion. We must proceed rationally and calmly in these areas and show the rest of the nation that we can peacefully come to a resolution. Otherwise we encourage chaos and division that will only rot us from the inside-out.

Please know that many do not oppose the lawful consensus that would see the removal of such monuments so much as the lawlessness with which they are torn down without clearheaded discussion or vote.

Adam Rhinehart, Sugar Hill