THOMAS: Mueller report’s conclusion no surprise

Cal Thomas

dear editor:

Cal Thomas’ column (“They’ve only just begun,” April 24, A5) is another example of this paper’s right-wing bias. Thomas misrepresents, in part, the findings of Mueller report.

The Mueller Report in Part I, page 2, clearly states the purpose of the Special Counsel’s investigation was not to determine if “collusion” occurred. Yet, Thomas misrepresents the purpose of the Mueller investigation “to prove that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia ... ”

The Special Counsel found sweeping and systematic Russian interference with 2016 presidential election. Yet Thomas is silent, as well as all congressional Republicans, on this finding.

Russia and Vladimir Putin are an existential threat to our democracy, yet where is the outrage by Thomas? Unless Republicans find some backbone soon, history will look back and say American definitely lost its way in 2019.

Torin Togut