After a long morning at soccer and a late night of soccer ahead of us, I decided last week to take my kids for a nice lunch break to Applebee’s in Sugar Hill as a treat. Before we could get our bill and pay, the server let me know the couple behind us payed our bill and just asked us to pay it forward.

I have no clue who they were; I didn’t even see them sitting there. This may be something that happens often for some people, but for me I feel like it’s worthy of being shared because things like that just don’t happen to me.

The world we are living in and raising our children in is not the kindest these days. So to know that kindness is not dead gives me hope for my kids and their future. My son was so intrigued and touched by this he couldn’t wait to pay it forward. So before we left Applebee’s that’s exactly what we did.

I hope the trend continues in Sugar Hill. The lesson of giving out of pure kindness is the greatest lesson my children got to learn. It really makes you take a break from the craziness of sports, work, school and parenting and realize there’s more to life.

Dariane Newby, Buford