You might be interested to know that there have been only 12 lieutenant governors in Georgia’s history, going back to 1947 when the position was created. Four went on to become governor. One became lieutenant governor after having served as governor. Four others tried for the state’s highest office and failed. Two left politics after their term in office.It is safe to say that the 12th occupant, Geoff Duncan, didn’t have the job on his radar when he graduated from Georgia Tech. A pitcher for the Yellow Jackets, he was signed by the Miami Marlins organization and made it as far as the organization’s AAA affiliate, the Calgary Cannons of the Pacific Coast League, until a shoulder injury ended his career.

She had it all: A great personal story as a first-generation American, a likable personality, a solid political record, an uncommon ability to hit the ground running with ease and competence, and a golden opportunity that made her a household name and earned her an international reputation.

Former vice president Joe Biden said in a recent interview that he agrees with Jim Mattis that the Obama administration’s decision to withdraw troops from Iraq was a mistake, but that as vice president he tried to keep “a residual force” stationed there.

Please continue to pray for the people of Panama City and Mexico Beach as they recover from the physical and psychological wounds inflicted by Michael.

Generals require committed privates in order to achieve success in warfare. Presidents need the same, along with staff who don't always tell them what they want to hear, but sometimes what they need to hear.

When Tink first moved to the place which he now firmly and alternately calls “my home” or “the place where I belong,” I often had advice on adjusting to the South. One piece was constant: “Be careful what you say about people because you never know who’s kin to who.”

“Well my daddy left home when I was three, and he didn’t leave much to Ma and me, except this old guitar and an empty bottle of booze. Now I don’t blame him because he run and hid, but the meanest thing that he ever did, is before he left, he went and named me Sue.”

After dozens of House Republicans demanded access to a secure facility in the Capitol on Wednesday where House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., was preparing to depose a Pentagon official, Democrats expressed outrage at the breach of protocol.

A while back, I found myself on a rural backroad that is now a blacktop. But I remember when it was nothing more than red dirt that left a swirl of dust behind the back end of a car or marred its wheels in mud that stuck to the whitewall tires like putty.

As the 2020 election comes into sharper focus, one issue that seems to animate both sides — the Supreme Court — is once again taking center stage.

Sometimes truth is so eager to be heard that it slips past the speaker's tongue without his conscious cooperation.

Enter acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney.

I have a history with gas. I mean the kind you put into your car’s tank. In my youth, I was a gas pump jockey before I became a radio disc jockey or a TV news jockey.

This is all political theater and bad theater at that. Democrats are going through the motions of impeachment, hoping to thwart the president’s re-election.

In professional relationships, communication is key, whether positive or not. If you can’t work with someone anymore, or don’t want to, or the previous arrangement is no longer acceptable, say so.

Growing up, both of my parents were public schoolteachers. It gave them great joy to work every day to help shape the future for our children. As a parent and grandfather, I feel the same joy watching my grandkids learn something new.

This is all political theater and bad theater at that. Democrats are going through the motions of impeachment, hoping to thwart the president’s re-election.

I have a hard time dealing with new. That’s the primary reason I’ve kept the same wife and house for almost 40 years. The thought of trying something different just never has sat well with me.

As if we need more proof that the impeachment cacophony is Inside-the-Beltway blather between Republicans and Democrats, cheered on by wingnuts and navel-gazing pundits, consider how important that issue is to families whose loved ones may have been abused in some of Georgia’s senior care facilities.

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