Woman killed crossing College Park street after pushing baby, stroller to safety

The intersection of Garden Walk Boulevard and Garden Ridge Drive in College Park, where a woman was struck and killed Tuesday morning. Clayton County Police say the woman pushed a baby in a stroller out of the way at the last moment.

COLLEGE PARK—Clayton County Police say a woman is dead after being hit and killed while crossing Garden Walk Boulevard at Garden Ridge Drive in College Park—and that her final act saved a baby's life.

Police say the driver of a 2004 Ford Expedition tried to miss the woman as she crossed while pushing a stroller. The driver collided head-on with a stationary CCPD vehicle,"ultimately causing a collision with a loaded school bus."

Police say the woman "was able to push her baby stroller out of the way of the impending accident and into safety before she was struck and killed."

No one else was injured, including the baby, which was taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

The Georgia State Patrol took over the investigation. Because the investigation is ongoing, CCPD had not released the names of anyone involved as of press time.