Emergency medical workers and law enforcement officers were at Henderson Middle School Friday after several students were reportedly exposed to what official believe may have been a THC-laced candy.

Jackson -- Several students at Henderson Middle School in Butts County on Friday were being treated after exposure to what officials believe may have been THC-laced candy.

Interim Superintendent Todd Simpson said as many as eight students appeared to have ingested the product, which he said was brought to the school by a female student. One student was transported Friday by ambulance from the school to a hospital in Macon. 

"We don't know what's in that substance at this point," Simpson said. "The preliminary thoughts by our law enforcement and public safety officials is that it's some kind of THC derivative."

THC is the principal substance in marijuana that produces a high in users.

Multiple law enforcement agencies and emergency medical workers were at the school shortly after noon, after receiving a call that several students were possibly experiencing an overdose.

"We're taking the steps to make sure we recover anything that's be distributed and that we assess all of our students to be sure they're safe," Simpson said. "We're going to make sure we check everybody carefully and see if there's anybody that has ingested this that's experiencing any difficulty. We've got lots of help here obviously to help us make sure our students are safe."

Simpson said the school's staff was being apprised of the situation and to be on the lookout for any students showing symptoms. He said movement throughout the school would be restricted the rest of the day, as law enforcement officers investigated the source of the product and emergency medical workers evaluated students.