Brittney Jackson

JONESBORO — A woman who allegedly stabbed her 3-year-old daughter multiple times and then lied to police about it was captured Friday by the Clayton County Police elite Fugitive Squad.

Police responded to an apartment on Gardenwalk Boulevard on July 23 where Brittney Jackson told police that two male suspects had entered the apartment with guns looking for the child’s father and stabbed the child multiple times in the groin and buttocks, according to a release from the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office.

Officers reportedly suspected the woman’s story due to discrepancies and began to probe deeper.

On Friday, at about 2 p.m., Clayton County Police detectives interviewed the 3-year-old child and she told them that the person who stabbed her was her “mommy”.  Clayton County Police detectives obtained warrants for Jackson’s arrest and waited for her to show up for an interview with DFACS.   Jackson never showed.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, when word made it to Sheriff Victor Hill that Jackson was trying to avoid meeting with authorities, he called in his elite Fugitive Squad whom he tasked with checking her into “The Hill-ton” before sundown.  Fugitive Investigators who teamed up with the lead Clayton Police detective in the case soon found that Jackson was trying to use family and friends to elude capture, police said.

At a little past 8 p.m. Friday, members of the Sheriff’s elite Fugitive Squad surrounded a  house in southwest Atlanta on Bayberry Drive calling for Jackson to come out and surrender.  After about five minutes, Jackson came out with her hands raised and was taken into custody without incident.