As protestors marched back to Hamilton Mill Parkway from Duncan Creek Park, a counter protestor, who has not yet been identified, started marching on the other side of the street wearing a ski mask and goggles, vest, shield and holding a Donald Trump 2020 flag. He was arrested after he began swinging his flag pole at the protestors.

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He's only a teenager but his parents made sure to teach him their bigotry and hate for non-whites and liberals.


MrsWilson, I was there at the protest. The minor carry the Trump flag was exercising his 1st amendment rights and peacefully walking across the street from the BLM protestors. What happened next is where the media spun the story to fit their narrative and agenda. About 4-5 black adult males from the BLM side of the street rushed over and for no reason started attacking the minor with punches and kicks. The only way the poor kid had to defend himself is by swinging the flag poll to try and get them off of him. There is video evidence to support everything I'm stating that has been given to the proper authorities. I'm positive the kid will be released shortly. Please do not take everything you see on local or MSM as factual.


I was also there and I have it all on film PLUS this was well documented by about 10 other videos that I've seen online. This kid literally ran into the crowd of the protesters waiving his flag screaming "F--- YOU Trump 2020!" Counter protesting is OK. Inciting a riot is not. Plus it was literally the protesters themselves that kept the hoard from coming down on him and then the cops pulled up pretty quick. I work in the area and was just watching the show. If you're going to say something then at least tell the trust. Lastly, I know that kid. Not personally but I know his name and have seen him around. I just graduated from the school he goes to. Not exactly a great kid. But he is only 16 so he has time to mature and make some better decision.


His mother is a Hispanic immigrant but good try


So because his mother is Hispanic and an immigrant you think he wouldn't be counter protesting and yelling Trump2020? That says a lot about you. He literally runs across the street and into the crowd. Its all on video. Take some time to look it up. Even in this video he's yelling "yea you'll see! You'll all see" I have video of the entire thing plus its all on twitter.


Alex you were on the team with him so of course you'll defend him. I was there too and I saw his tiktok and he was looking for trouble. Its people like him that make the rest of us who support the prez look like crazy trump supporters. He should have just never crossed the street and went over there. He would have had the high moral ground then.


I don't think alexcalvert was talking to you LevelHeaded1 lol. I think they were talking to MrsWilson. Calm down. And AllForOne I think your right. I am not against Trump but I'm also not a big fan either but he definitely looks like one of those irrational Trump supporters instead of one of those well educated Trump supporters who know how to properly support him without making the whole movement look bad. Which is very similar to the comparison between the rioters versus the protesters if you look at it rationally.

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