Police said two dogs were “put down” in a Lilburn neighborhood Saturday morning after they attacked a woman.

A witness driving on Linda Lane in Lilburn on Saturday morning told police they saw a 55-year-old woman grappling with two dogs. The witness honked their horn, distracting the dogs and allowing the victim to escape into the witness’ car, police said.

A resident of the neighborhood provided medical attention to the victim while paramedics responded to the scene. The victim was transported to Gwinnett Medical Center, police said. The victim’s husband told police she had left the house to go for a walk that morning.

Both dogs, a boxer and pit bull, were “put down” by police at the scene and the second was shot multiple times by different officers. A man, Hector Aguilar, told police he owned one of the dogs and his brother, Marco Aguilar, owned the other.

The man had let the dogs outside to “use the bathroom” at approximately 8 a.m. Saturday and fell asleep before remembering to bring them inside. The backyard was fenced it, and neither person knew how the dogs escaped.