New images of the mixed-use development that is planned to replace the Gwinnett Prado shopping center on Pleasant Hill Road have turned up on Partnership Gwinnett's website.

The images for the Orchid Grove mixed-use development give a glimpse what the largely vacant shopping center could be turned into. The dense urban-style project near the intersection of Pleasant Hill Road and Satellite Boulevard carries a price tag of about $250 million.

Because of its location, Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District Executive Director Joe Allen has previously called it a catalyst site that could spur major redevelopment in the area.

It is going into an aging retail area anchored by Gwinnett Place Mall, which is within walking distance of the Gwinnett Prado/Orchid Grove site, that has seen struggles in recent years. The Gwinnett Prado, like other parts of the Gwinnett Place area, has been hit by shifts in the retail industry that have seen several big name retailers close locations near the mall, which itself has several vacant storefronts.

Much of the Gwinnett Prado will be demolished to make room for Orchid Grove. The existing Great Wall Supermarket would remain standing as part of the new development, however.

But in place of the empty storefronts that currently surround the Great Wall Supermarket at the site, Mosaic Capital LLC wants to build restaurants, retail and office spaces, a hotel, loft apartments, live-work town homes, multi-family housing and two central parks shown in the images.

The images also show a food hall and ice skating rink.

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