Jeevanayagam family

The Jeevanayagam family including, from left, Luke, Nicky, Jacob and Hannah, smile for a family photo. They are one of five finalist families in the running to be named Disney and Points of Light’s Volunteer Family of the Year. Online voting is now underway to pick the winning the family.

A Suwanee family that donates its time to help Spectrum Autism Group and the North Gwinnett Co-Op among other organizations is a top 5 finalist for Disney and Points of Light’s Volunteer Family of the Year recognition and now it needs the public’s support to earn the recognition.

The Jeevanayagam was named a finalist for the volunteer family title on Good Morning America this week, one of five families highlighted on the program. The Volunteer Family of the Year will be chosen through an online vote which began Friday at

People can vote once a day until 11:59 p.m. Oct. 22.

The winning family will be announced in November and will get to visit Walt Disney World for International Volunteer Family Day. The organization that nominated the winning family will also get a grant to support its work.

The Jeevanayagam family was nominated by Spectrum Autism Group.

In the video highlighting the Suwanee family’s work, which can be viewed at the voting site or at, Spectrum Autism Group’s Claire Dees praised the family for its help.

“The entire family comes out,” Dees said. “They are our No. 1 volunteer family and we think the world needs to know about them and that heart of service this family has is off the charts.”

Good Morning America said there were several other families who sent in videos thanking the Jeevanayagams for their efforts.

“They’ve helped us to see that these children are not disabled, but differently abled,” one mother said in a clip shown on the morning news program.

In the video, the family said they try to help provide a supportive environment for children with autism.

Last week, Nicky Jeevanayagam told the Daily Post that, in addition to volunteering at a wide array of Sprectrum Autism Group events, the family also volunteers for projects in the Lanier High School cluster, volunteers with the North Gwinnett Co-Op and does food drives at their church.

“For us, service just comes from an overflowing, grateful heart,” she said in Good Morning America’s video. “We’ve loved every minute of it.”

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