Police originally thought they were looking for two suspects in the May 4 robbery of The Home Depot on Satellite Boulevard in Suwanee. 

After more research, police said that their two suspects caught on security footage was the same person, and they've identified that man. 

Terrill Banks, 36, was arrested by the Walton County Police Sheriff's Office on July 29. He is facing two counts of armed robbery, one count of aggravated assault and nine counts of shoplifting for the robbery on May 4.

A spokesperson with Gwinnett County Police said his extradition will be arranged by the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office. 

Employees told officers responding to the scene on the evening of the robbery that the suspect entered through the contractor entrance and began loading a cart full of tools. An employee began to direct the suspect to the register when the suspect pried his body between a Home Depot employee and the cart and brandished a knife. 

The man left through the contractor exit and got into the passenger side of a white Toyota Sequoia. At the time, police thought a co-conspirator was driving the vehicle. 

“The lead detective assigned to this case believes that this suspect and his co-conspirator may be responsible for several other theft cases in Gwinnett and the metro-Atlanta area,” Cpl. Michelle Pihera said. “These suspects have been observed using different vehicles and switching out tags. They have used an older model gold Chrysler Pacifica (stolen), a newer model silver/blue Mazda passenger car, a newer model white Ford F150 4x4, and an older model white Toyota Sequoia.”

Police said Tuesday said the two suspects identified initially were the same person. 

Taylor Denman is a reporter born and raised in Gwinnett County. He came back home to seize the rare opportunity of telling stories about the county in which he grew up.