GGC contributed more than $500 million to the local economy in the 2018 fiscal year, a study found.

A study released by the University System of Georgia that measures the economic impact of affiliated colleges and universities said that Georgia Gwinnett College contributed more than $515 million to the local economy during the 2018 fiscal year.

The economic impact is roughly at $51 million increase from last year. 

“In addition to the economic impact produced by the college's existence, we also have more than 7,000 alumni who are each making their own economic impacts on the communities in which they live and work,” GGC President Jann L. Joseph said in a statement. “Colleges are transformative institutions, and GGC continues to transform Gwinnett County and the greater Atlanta region.”

The study breaks schools down into categories: research universities, comprehensive or regional universities, state universities and state colleges. GGC, which falls in the state college category, provided 4,429 total jobs when combining on-campus jobs and the off-campus jobs influenced by school spending. The total was more than all other state colleges in the study. 

A release from the college said, when including its capital outlay for construction projects, GGC has generated about $3.77 billion in cumulative economic impact since the college has been included in the study.