Gwinnett County Public Schools officials confirmed that a 17-year-old student who allegedly brought a gun to Peachtree Ridge High School was arrested Tuesday afternoon.

The student was identified as Kevin Miguel Solano-Cruz. His Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office booking sheet says his charges include carrying a weapon into a school safety zone as an unlicensed holder, possession of a pistol and revolver by a person under 18 years old and possession of a Schedule I controlled substance with intent to distribute.

Peachtree Ridge Principal Jadd Jarusinski said in a letter to Peachtree Ridge parents school officials were searching Solano-Cruz’s belongings after he was suspected of selling liquid for vaporizers to other students. During the search, Jarusinski said, a gun was found the possession of Solano-Cruz.

Jarusinski said the school is also taking disciplinary action against Solano-Cruz.

“I want to reassure you that in situations like this a student does not typically return to school,” the principal said in the letter.

In January, a Meadowcreek High School student was arrested for allegedly bringing a gun on campus. In that case, another vaping bust led to school resource officers finding the hidden weapon.

GCPS’ 2018-19 student discipline report showed 93 total cases of students bringing weapons to campus last year. During the 2017-18 school year, there were 123 cases of weapons on campus. GCPS’s Student Conduct Behavior Code classifies weapons as any tool, instrument or object used to or intended to be used to inflict serious bodily injury to another member of the school community.

A Peachtree Ridge student was involved in a scare that started on social media in May 2017 when a student posted a picture of a gun on social media and said not to come to school. In 2018, Peachtree Ridge students spread false rumors about a student who would commit a violent act on social media.

“Know that weapons have no place on our campus and we are committed to providing our students and staff with a safe, disruption-free teaching and learning environment,” Jarusinski’s letter said.