The members of a Gwinnett Education Advisory Roundtable put together by state Sen. P.K. Martin, R-Lawrenceville, have been unveiled.

Martin recently announced the roundtable’s membership, which is largely made up of Gwinnett parents and educators but includes some officials from schools in Barrow County.

“The roundtable’s mission will be to make Georgia’s K-12 schools the very best,” Martin said in a statement. “Our priority will be creating the best environment for our students to receive the highest quality education and for our teachers to teach while being respected and appreciated.”

The senator, who leads the Georgia Senate Education Committee, touted the credentials of the roundtable members in the announcement about who will sit on the panel. They range from classroom teachers to school administrators, parents and education advocates.

“The roundtable will be comprised of real Georgians who are on the front lines of education,” Martin said. “These stake holders who are working hard in our schools every day will help identify challenges facing our students, teachers, schools and parents and offer real solutions to take our public schools to new heights. I look forward to the work ahead.”

The roundtable includes:

♦ Alcova Elementary School Kindergarten teacher and National Education Association representative Ashley Black

♦ Pinckneyville Middle School Assistant Principal Ashley Bolton

♦ Department of Juvenile Justice K12 and Gwinnett County parent Bruce Garraway

♦ Dacula High School Principal Bryan Long

♦ Parent and former Gwinnett Board of Education candidate Chuck Studebaker

♦ Deb Page from the Institute for Performance Improvement

♦ Parkview High School teacher Denton Elkins

♦ Gwinnett County Public Schools Associate Superintendent School Improvement and Operations Steve Flynt

♦ Lawrenceville Elementary School Principal Grelauris Calcano

♦ Parkview High School Assistant Principal John Mangano

♦ Public school teacher Kellie Wall

♦ Former teacher and parent Kenneth Higgins

♦ Brookwood Elementary School teacher Kim Camuso

♦ Walton County Christian Learning Center Director Kim LaPlante

♦ Molly McAuliffe from Gwinnett County Public Schools

♦ Education advocate Monica Henson

♦ Richard Lenhardt from Gwinnett County Public Schools

♦ Parent and student advocate Tameka Skeete

♦ Winder Elementary School representative Tammy Privette

♦ Terrae Akin from Gwinnett County Public School

♦ Brookwood High School Principal William Bo Ford Jr.

♦ Former teacher and parent William Dennison

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