The White House, with great fanfare, announced its calculation that Americans would save a whopping 16 cents on cost of their Fourth of July cookouts. I hope everyone held on to their spare change because they’re going to need it.

According to the Commerce Department, U.S. Inflation is at a 13-year high. Put another way, the inflation rate hasn’t been this high since the last time Joe Biden walked the halls of the White House as vice president.

Because of Joe Biden’s endless spending spree, Georgia families spend more on daily items like gas and groceries, while wages are going down.

This news is in no way a surprise, as economists had been projecting Biden’s reckless tax and spending spree would have dire effects on the economy. Even some congressional Democrats have admitted that they were aware of the damage their spending would cause to the economy.

Congresswoman Kim Schrier (D-Washington) conceded during a June town hall that they “knew that there was a possibility that this [stimulus bill] could lead to inflation.”

While Schrier owned up to the blunder, Georgia families are hearing crickets from their representatives, Carolyn Bourdeaux and Lucy McBath. Their silence comes after they spent months promoting the stimulus bill.

The Biden administration has tried to sweep inflation concerns under the rug by claiming it’s “temporary,” but economists and investors have made it clear that this is not the case.

The Democrats knew what their policies would do to the economy, but it’s simply rinse and repeat every time they are in power. Reports show that Biden won’t allow the daily sting of inflation to stop his plans to more than double federal spending and implement massive tax increases.

Everyday expenses are crushing Georgians, and the Federal Reserve is warning it could get even worse.

Congressional Republicans have been rightly critical of the Democrats’ spending plan.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy made clear that the country would be in much better shape had Biden simply “done nothing” when he got into office.

However, Georgia Senators Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock have remained noticeably absent in the face of rising inflation. Instead of confronting the problem, Ossoff and Warnock have promoted a liberal wish list that will only balloon the deficit. Economists have been clear that the Democrats’ deficit spending at this rate will only worsen our economic challenges.

Democrats have not set a spending limit for themselves. Every issue they have latched onto has trillion-dollar price tags, and they’ve made it clear that nothing is up for negotiation. Nancy Pelosi announced that the House would not consider any infrastructure spending unless the Senate first passes an earlier $3.5 trillion plan.

The Democrats have made it clear that they will pay any price to appease their liberal base and will gladly stick Georgian families with the bill no matter the cost.

Duluth resident David Shafer is the Georgia Republican Party Chairman.

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There are so many falsehoods in this piece, I don't know where to start. First, Mr. Shafer can't do math. Thirteen years ago, Bush was president, not Obama, and indeed that's the last time inflation was this high. Second, the Fed, who are experts at this sort of thing, do not think this will get worse or be sustained, or else they'd be raising interest rates. For selfish reasons, I wish they would raise rates.

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