A computer science teacher at Paul Duke STEM High School in Norcross is headed to Houston after being selected for a competitive spot in NASA’s Texas Space Grant Consortium.

Rebecca May is one of a small group of teachers in the country who will participate in the prestigious LiftOff Summer Institute to be held at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. The program selects teachers who will increase their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and math through space education and will meet June 23-28 to conduct experiments, tour facilities, network and share ideas and lessons with other educators.

The theme of this year’s summer LiftOff event is “The Legacy of Apollo!”, commemorating the upcoming 50th anniversary of the moon landing July 20.

Teachers participate in workshops and spend a week working with professional scientists and engineers at the cutting-edge of space exploration. The workshops are organized around an aerospace or space science theme drawn from NASA’s diverse engineering and scientific research programs.

Taylor Denman is a reporter born and raised in Gwinnett County. He came back home to seize the rare opportunity of telling stories about the county in which he grew up.