Lilburn City Hall

Lilburn officials approved a ban on electronic scooters, also known as e scooters, in a preemptive move Monday.

There hasn’t been an electric scooter business in Lilburn yet and, after Monday night’s City Council meeting, there won’t be any coming to the city in the future either.

The council voted to implement a ban on commercial electronic scooters, also known as E Scooters, this week. The move is a preemptive move by Lilburn officials, who have been watching the issues other cities, particularly the city of Atlanta, have been having with e scooters users abandoning them on sidewalks and in other places.

Several cities in metro Atlanta have already banned the devices.

“Generally what you’ll find is when other jurisdictions restrict or ban a use, then they gravitate to other jurisdictions so we always have to keep our eye out to keep ahead of that,” City Manager Bill Johnsa said.

Johnsa made it clear that the ban only affects E scooter businesses which provide the scooters for public use to get around town and may have been considering coming into the city. The ban does not affect personal E scooters that residents may own for their private, non-commercial uses.

The issues of rider safety and of scooters being left around the city once riders no longer need them — because there is no central return location — were driving forces in the city’s decision to pursue the ban.

“You’ll have a commercial entity come in and they’ll rent these scooters and what happens is they’re not required to have a helmet,” Johnsa said. “I’m not even sure if you’re required to be 16 years of age — that’s up to the commercial vendor — and then they’ll set up shop and then you can take the E scooter for as far as you go and then you just drop it. You just leave it. And then it’s picked up by another person so they’re being littered all over the city of Atlanta as we speak.”

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