Paper off base in description of Dustin Inman Society that supports enforcement of immigration laws

{child_byline}By D.a. King{/Child_byline}

DEAR EDITOR: In coverage of a public panel discussion on the 287(g) program in Gwinnett in which I participated “Sparks fly at meeting on Gwinnett jail immigration program) the Daily Post added in the fact that the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center has listed the Dustin Inman Society as an “anti-immigrant hate group.”

This ridiculous 2018 smear from the far-left SPLC came as a laughable surprise to the proud immigrants who support our donation-driven effort to see American immigration laws enforced. That includes the immigrants on our board — and my adopted sister.

The Daily Post did not note that the SPLC made the decision for this false and hate-mongering categorization in the same time frame it began lobbying against legislation aimed at illegal immigration that we support in the Georgia Capitol, 15 years after we began our fight and after the SPLC told the Associated Press they disliked our activism in favor of that legislation. What a handy way to oppress political opposition.

For responsible news coverage, spreading the SPLC’s smears should come with information on their agenda and the fact that they are being sued by more than 60 groups for these false, but profitable, accusations of “hate.”

Georgia is home to more illegal aliens than green card holders and more than Arizona. Gwinnett County is the illegal home to about 72,000 victims of borders – about 8% of the total population.

We proudly support the 287(g) program, Sheriff Conway and the brave ICE Agents who risk their lives to fight the crime of illegal immigration. For people who cannot discern the difference between immigrants and illegal aliens, it is important to remember that real immigrants do not require amnesty and have no reason to fear enforcement.

— D.A. King

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