Lawrenceville police are planning to begin the first steps in a parking enforcement effort designed to curb illegal parking in the city starting Monday.

A two-part public campaign that includes both awareness and public education in an effort to increase public safety is the first step in the effort. That part begins Monday, but it's really just the beginning.

Actual enforcement of the parking rules will begin March 1.

“Illegally parked vehicles create street hazards for those backing out of driveways and those who cannot see oncoming traffic due to hills or curves,” said Chief Tim Wallis. “Violators prevent access by Emergency Response and Support Vehicles and block access to fire hydrants. In addition, illegally parked vehicles are more subject to vandalism and theft.”

As part of the building up to enforcement beginning, Lawrenceville police will leave violation notices on the windshields of vehicles that illegally park during the grace period that will be in place throughout February.

These will effectively be warnings, although habitual violators or drivers whose parked vehicle creates an immediate safety issue will receive a citation.

But the warnings will stop once full enforcement begins in March.

Anyone who would like to report a concern or see a full list of parking ordinances can visit

The city's Code of Ordinances outlines the following parking rules:

"(a) It shall be unlawful at any time to permit any vehicle to stand, stop or park in any of the following places except in compliance with the directions of a law enforcement official or traffic control device:

"(1) In an intersection;

"(2) In a crosswalk;

"(3) Within 20 feet of any intersection or crosswalk;

"(4) At any place where the vehicle would block the use of the driveway;

"(5) At any place where the standing, stopping or parking of a vehicle will reduce the useable width of the roadway for moving traffic to less than 20 feet;

"(6) At any place in the area of Nash Street from Neal Boulevard to Clayton Street next to the Lawrenceville City Hall;

"(7) Overnight (10:00 p.m.—6:00 a.m.) parking shall be prohibited in all public right-of-way. Nothing shall prohibit parking in designated parking spaces.

"(b) The Police Chief or any other person authorized by the Council shall cause signs to be posted in all areas where parking is prohibited."

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Whoa, #7, no street parking after 10pm, seems way over the top. Does a majority in the city really support this?

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