Johns Creek will be getting a gateway marker for the city, but what will it look like?

The Johns Creek Convention and Visitors Bureau is holding an online survey to let the community pick the piece of art that will be located near the intersection of Kimball Bridge Road and State Bridge Road.

Artist William Massey has provided four preliminary sketches that are up for public vote, with each focusing on the city’s history and paying homage to the Chattahoochee River. However, the designs are vastly different, with each featuring a different style and complexity.

Massey asked for the public’s opinion on what concepts and designs should be incorporated during three community meetings.

The city wants residents and employees who work in John Creek to pick the marker they like best at

The four choices and their symbolism, according to the city’s website, are:

♦ “Chattahoochee”: “The history of Johns Creek has never stopped and will never stop. From 14,000 years ago when Native Americans tended to the land, to the future generations who will contribute to one of the most diverse cities in the country, the history continuously flows.

The circular composition will be comprised of flowing objects symbolizing key aspects of local history and present infrastructure. Within it, Rogers bridge and the Chattahoochee. This sculpture strives to represent the peace and power of Johns Creek’s story, embodying the bridge between both the past and future, and neighbor to neighbor.”

♦ “Hands”: “The vast and often unrecognized history of Johns Creek is the theme of this concept. The objects flowing from the hands represent the foundation of JC past and present, from farming equipment to educational tools.

The residents are connected to these things through story and shared values, but also by the actual physical presence on the land bordered by the Chattahoochee. The open hands provide a welcoming posture of receiving both visitors and new neighbors alike,” according to the city’s website.

♦ “Bridge”: “This gateway idea utilizes the open voids between the trusses of Rogers Bridge as windows into history. Images spanning the bridge will represent aspects and eras of local history, including Native Americans, farming, gold mining, education, technology and other important pillars of the legacy of Johns Creek.

Of course, the Chattahoochee will flow underneath, utilizing ornamental metal to create a water-like rhythm.”

♦ “Flow:”: “The water, representing the local natural that our community treasures, flows upward as to represent the growth of Johns Creek. The main body of the sculpture will be comprised of objects woven together which coalesce to embody the past, present, and future city we love.”

Voting ends at 11 a.m. on Nov. 4.

At the conclusion of the vote, the winner will be reviewed by the Johns Creek Public Art Board. Once it is approved, the Public Art Board and the Johns Creek Convention and Visitors Bureau will present the sketch to the City Council for final approval.

The Johns Creek Convention and Visitors Bureau has prioritized placing an artistic monument at the city’s east and west entrances. It will be using funds generated by the hotel/motel tax, which can be used on projects to make areas more enticing to visitors.

The City Council has allotted $64,000 for the Johns Creek Convention and Visitors Bureau’s project for one marker to be placed at the intersection of State Bridge and Kimball streets. If the artwork is a hit, more funds could be used for additional gateways to be placed throughout the city.