Socialism is not just an evil ideology, although it is that — responsible, in its various iterations, for 110 million murders in just the last century or so.

It’s not merely an absurd economic system, although it is that, too, ignoring the immutable law of supply and demand as well as basic human nature.

No, socialism is primarily a childish perspective whose adherents seem perpetually stuck in preschool, demanding that everyone receive exactly the same number of cookies and insisting “it’s not fair” that Suzy is prettier, Jimmy can run faster and Becky is better at flashcards.

Why then are so many millennials so enamored of this vile world view? Perhaps it’s because — and I hate to say this, fellow late baby-boomers — we have raised a generation of overgrown preschoolers.

I’m reminded of a conversation I had a few years ago with one of my sons, then in his mid-20s and shopping for car insurance. “Adulting is hard,” he quipped over the phone.

Thankfully, he was just kidding. But too many of his generation are not. Faced with the pressures of growing up, they have decided it’s much easier to opt out. And if mommy and daddy will no longer provide the necessities of life — as well as most of their wants — then society must. Such is the appeal of socialism.

Perhaps this explains why so many young adults are still acting out juvenile fantasies well into their 30s. For example, after Donald Trump was elected president, a group of millenials at one government agency decided to join “#theresistance,” dubbing themselves “Dumbledore’s Army.”

Now, you’re free to disagree with Trump’s policies all you want. And Harry Potter is a wonderful children’s book series. But that’s exactly what it is: a children’s book series. “Adults” who invoke children’s books to advance their political views simply cannot be taken seriously.

Not to be outdone, a group of mostly young female members of Congress attempted to show their disapproval at President Trump’s recent State of the Union address by standing and holding up three fingers while chanting “H.R. three!”

The chant was in reference to a bill lowering the cost of insulin, something I could probably get behind. But there’s no question the “three-finger salute” was also a nod to Katniss Everdeen, heroine of the “Hunger Games” trilogy.

And then there are those women who dress up like characters from “The Handmaid’s Tale” in order to protest policies they don’t like. That may not be a children’s book, but it certainly evinces a childlike perspective, one that has nothing to do with reality in the United States of America.

Playing dress-up is a common activity among children. Adults, theoretically, should have outgrown it. If they haven’t — well, maybe they’re not really adults and the rest of us should pay about as much attention to their political views as we do to those of toddlers.

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Rob Jenkins is a college professor. The views expressed here are his own. You can email Rob at


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The absence of a minimum living wage negates this entire article. Fighting for a fair and just society is always a noble battle. You could actually use this article to justify segregation if you wanted. I'd be willing to bet that at some point in his life this author did.


So I educated myself and worked hard to get where I am at in the upper-middle class. People who chose not to are now entitled, yes entitled to the same things as me or are even entitled to my stuff? And there we go! That didn't take long to inject racism into the conversation as a way to try to win an argument that you will always lose on the merits. Directly out of the communist socialist democrat playbook!


Presuming Democratic Socialism causes any kind of civil unrest is irresponsible and fearmongering. For an educated person and especially for the author of this article, it is INTELLECTUALLY DISHONEST.


Yes, because true socialism has worked so well every where else right?


This is probably the most surface level and disconnected analysis of a generation ever written. Pop culture has always played a role in modern politics. Conservatives have based much of their ideology on Atlas Shrugged...a fiction book.


If you believe followers of Ayn Rand are like a cult, she is our most recent false prophet and an infection that emotionally cripples most Republicans and Libertarians.


No, pretty much spot on!

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