In our media-driven culture, people often vote for personalities over policies. But before you cast your ballot in this election, you should probably pay attention to WHAT you’re voting for, not just whom.

Admittedly, I’m partisan. As a constitution-loving, free-market, Christian conservative, I favor low taxes, less government intrusion in our lives, law and order, originalist judges, literal readings of the First and Second Amendments, tightly-controlled immigration and severe restrictions (at least) on abortion.

Thus, I vote for candidates, however imperfect, that I believe have an actual chance of winning and are likely to support that agenda — usually (but not always) Republicans.

I can understand why someone might not want to vote for Donald Trump. However, the only viable alternative is Joe Biden. And before you vote for the former vice president, or any Democrat, you should understand what that means.

If you vote for Democrats, you’re voting for higher taxes. That is simply a given, something they haven’t even tried to hide. If you think we should all be forking over more of our hard-earned cash to the government, then by all means, vote for Democrats. If not, you might want to re-think your position.

If you vote for Democrats, you’re voting for unfettered immigration — basically, open borders — with all the social and economic problems that entails. If that’s what you believe in, vote for Democrats. Otherwise, you probably shouldn’t.

If you vote for Democrats, you’re voting for abortion with basically no limits — regardless of the mother’s age, with no input from her parents or the child’s father, right up to (and perhaps beyond) the moment of birth. Perhaps that aligns with your views. If so, vote for Democrats. If not, I don’t see how you can.

If you vote for Democrats, you’re voting to defund the police. I know they say “defund” doesn’t really mean, um, “de-fund.” But that’s just Orwellian double-speak. They’ve made their intentions clear, repeatedly. If you think we should defund or even eliminate police departments around the country, vote for Democrats. Otherwise, don’t.

If you vote for Democrats, you’re voting for further restrictions on gun ownership. If that’s what you want, then vote for Democrats. If not, then don’t.

And finally, if you vote for Democrats, you’re voting for a reading of the First Amendment that says certain types of speech, designated “hate speech” — basically, any utterances that depart from leftist doctrine — are not free. If you believe people who disagree with you should be silenced, vote for Democrats.

My message is ultimately this: Vote your conscience. If you believe in all the things mentioned above, then you should be very pleased to have a slate of candidates who agree with you.

But if you don’t accept even one of those positions — well, I don’t understand how in good conscience you can vote for people who are determined to deliver all of them and more.

Rob Jenkins is a college professor. The views expressed here are his own. You can email Rob at

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If you believe in treating COVID-19 like it is no big deal (except when the president gets it), vote Republican. If you want to aim for half a million dead (at least) from COVID-19, vote Republican. If you want to keep the virus spreading in the USA, vote Republican.

If you believe national bankruptcy is a good thing, vote Republican. If you want to see Social Security and Medicare run out of money, vote Republican.

If you think the police killing unarmed civilians is no big deal, vote Republican. If you like seeing the police armed to the teeth with tanks and military gear, vote Republican.

If you think our health insurance system was superior before the ACA, vote Republican. The Republicans promised us something better than the ACA, and have had 4 years to pass it, but haven't. But they'll darn sure repeal the ACA if they can.

If you believe further tax cuts for the rich are needed, in the face of a widening wealth gap, vote Republican.

If you want the president to fan the flames of civil unrest, vote Republican. If you want a president who won't denounce domestic terrorism, vote Republican. If you want continued violence in the streets, vote Republican.

If you believe a woman who is raped should be forced to carry her rapist's child, vote Republican. But the Republicans won't stop at banning abortion. Birth control pills require a prescription for political reasons, not health reasons. If you believe in making birth control more difficult to obtain than it already is, while providing fewer social services to new mothers, vote Republican.

If you believe in treating immigrants from poor countries as less than human, vote Republican. If you think separating immigrant children from their families, with no plan for reuniting them, and then putting those children in cages is decent and moral behavior, vote Republican.

Indeed, what you vote for is more important than for whom.


This is the perfect example of what you get when you subject a person to the demonic propaganda of the left fake news media.


That's all you've got? Accusing me of being compromised by "demonic" propaganda? Oh the media is "fake" when it shows Republicans in an unfavorable light? Gee we've never heard that one before.

No, at this point it is the devoted Trump supporters who are living in a tightly controlled echo chamber, increasingly distant from reality. This is not true of all conservatives. The Never Trumpers, former members of Trump's staff who have spoken out on Whitehouse dysfunction, and politicians who are now distancing themselves from Trump, are living with at least one foot in reality.

Republicans did not always stand for all those things I named. It can be that way again, but not with Trump as the standard bearer.

Demonic, propaganda of the left fake news media? Any examples?

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