Jeff Hogan, a former Johns Creek Fire Chief who was appointed as Georgia’s state fire marshal in January, has stepped down from the position after less than 10 months.

A spokesperson with the Georgia Department of Insurance said Hogan stepped down about two weeks ago after a conversation with Insurance Commissioner John F. King. The Insurance Commissioner’s office released a statement regarding his resignation.

“Commissioner King recently sat down with Fire Marshal Jeff Hogan to discuss the future of the department and both agreed that it was for the best for Mr. Hogan to step down from his position as we take the department in a new direction,” the statement said. “We wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

The insurance commissioner’s office said the position had not been filled. The department plans to formally announce the state’s new fire marshal once and appointment is formally made.

“Commissioner King is working with his staff to make an appointment as soon as possible,” Department of Insurance Public Information Officer Brandon Wright said.

Hogan was a 35-year veteran in firefighting at the time of his appointment. He officially retired from the Johns Creek Fire Department to accept Insurance and Fire Safety Commissioner Jeff Beck’s appointment. Hogan was named the Johns Creek fire chief in February 2011 after joining the department in 2008. His career began with the Fulton County Fire Department, where he worked in a variety of investigative and supervisory roles until 2008, when he joined the Johns Creek department.

Hogan was a successor to former state fire marshal Dwayne Garriss, who was appointed in 2011.