Homestead exemption application deadline approaching on April 1

Gwinnett County officials said the deadline for applying for a homestead exemption is April 1. (Special Photo)

Homeowners have only a few more weeks to apply for a homestead exemption.

County officials said the deadline for applying for an exemption is April 1. The tax commissioner’s office said applicants must have owned and occupied the home for which they want the exemption on Jan. 1 and it must have been their primary residence of that date.

“Everyone who owns and occupies a home in Gwinnett County is very likely eligible for some type of homestead exemption,” Tax Commissioner Richard Steele said. “It’s the best way to reduce property taxes, but homeowners must apply by April 1.”

Anyone who has already been granted a homestead exemption in the past does not have to apply again. Applicants must provide documentation and meet eligibility requirements outlined at

Homeowners who have questions about the application process can call the Tax Commissioner’s Property Tax Customer Service Center at 770-822-8800 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays. They can also send an email to

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