Snellville City Hall

The Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner's Office announced 4,000 Snellville property owners will receive new, corrected tax bills because their original bills contained incorrect storm water assessments.

About 4,000 property owners in Snellville will be getting corrected tax bills because of an error concerning storm water fees on their initial bills, according to Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner Richard Steele’s office.

County officials said there was a “technical glitch” in a computer system the city uses to calculate how much money a property owner owes for storm water assessments. The glitch caused some assessments on the original tax bill to be too high while others were too low.

The affected property owners — which are about half of all property owners in the city — will receive new, correct tax bills that were sent out this week.

“The bills will include a letter that explains the error,” the tax commissioner’s office said in a statement. “Property owners can identify the corrected bills by their black ink vs. the blue ink of the originals.”

Despite the error, county officials said affected property owners must still pay their tax bills by Oct. 15. Anyone who has questions or needs help with their tax bills is asked to email the Tax Commissioner’s Office at or call 770-822-8800.

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