Richard Steele

Richard Steele

Gwinnett County property owners might want to keep an eye on their mailboxes because their tax bills should be arriving soon.

Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner Richard Steele announced that 2019 property tax bills have been mailed out and can be viewed and paid online Property owners who opted to to use paperless billing were expected to receive their bills by email Friday.

Property owners have until Oct. 15 to pay their tax bills.

The county offered multiple ways to pay a tax bill, including:

♦ Paying by e-check, with no convenience fee added.

♦ Paying by regular check, which can be dropped off 24/7 at drop boxes that are located at each Gwinnett County tag office or mailed to P.O. Box 372 Lawrenceville, Ga. 30046;

♦ Paying by debit card, which includes a $3.95 flat fee;

♦ Paying by credit card, which includes a 2.25 percent fee; or

♦ Paying in person with cash, money order, check, debit card or credit card — debit and credit card fees would still apply — at any Gwinnett Tax Commissioner’s Office location.

Property owners can schedule payments in advance, but they must have the total paid by the due date.

There are other bits of information the Tax Commissioner’s Office recommends property owners be aware of or check on concerning tax bills.

One of them is that the former and current owners of a home that was sold this year will each receive a tax bill.

The other is a recommendation that property owners check whether they or their mortgage company is responsible for paying the tax bill.

“For property owners with escrow accounts, tax information is made available to mortgage companies,” the Tax Commissioner’s Office said in a statement. “However, the property owner is responsible to ensure taxes are paid by the due date. Escrow account holders unsure about who is paying the property tax should contact their mortgage company directly.”

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