Kathy Holland

Kathy Holland

Gwinnett County Planning and Development staff might be wanting to break out into song as the holiday season begins, but the tune is more likely to be Cole Porter’s “You’re the Top” than some festive holiday tune.

The reason for that outburst of singing would be that the Georgia Planning Association recently named Gwinnett’s 2040 Unified Plan, which outlines how county leaders want to see Gwinnett develop in the coming years, as the best planning document in Georgia for this year.

“It is especially meaningful that people who are experts in developing plans think the 2040 Unified Plan was the best in the state,” Gwinnett Planning and Development Director Kathy Holland said.

“We believe it will serve as a thoughtful and deliberate guide for growth in Gwinnett for the next 20 years.”

The 2040 Unified Plan is Gwinnett’s comprehensive plan. It includes short-term and long-term goals as well as maps, policies and analysis of current and anticipated future trends to plan where the county will go in the future.

It also incorporates Gwinnett’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan, the Connect Gwinnett Transit Development Plan and the countywide Trails Master Plan among other master plans the county has worked on to address various issues.

County officials said Georgia Planning Association noted that Atlanta Regional Commission leaders have also praised the 2040 Unified Plan, which was developed for the county by Pond and Company, as one of the top development plans in the state in the past.

“The county’s 2040 Unified Plan casts a bold vision for the future, builds upon and continues the long-term vision for Gwinnett County and identifies short-term, incremental steps that can be used to achieve the vision,” the Georgia Planning Association said in a statement released through Gwinnett County.

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