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Gwinnett police said they are trying to found the parents of this 2-year-old girl who was found wandering naked around a Lawrenceville area apartment complex Tuesday night.

Gwinnett County police said they have found the parents of of a 2-year-old girl who was found wandering naked around a Lawrenceville-area apartment complex Tuesday night.

The child was found in the Park on Sweetwater apartment complex at 3400 Sweetwater Road. Police said the child snuck out a patio door while her parents were asleep.

Police said the girl told officers her name was Michalea Camino, but officials added that they are not sure if that is the correct spelling of her name.

"She was found wandering around the apartment complex completely nude," police said in a statement.

Shortly after police contacted media in an attempt to find the parents, they announced they had been found. Information was not immediately available about why the child was walking around the apartment complex without any clothing on.

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