The investigation of a robbery scheme that involved using the LetGo app to arrange meetings led to the arrest of two suspects.

Gwinnett County police said Thursday officers arrested Zion Jacobe Cowart, 18 of Loganville, and Emmanuel Okyere Boakye, 17 of Lawrenceville, on Thursday as the suspects identified in the theft of a gaming system and an iPhone last month.

Both men are held in Gwinnett County Detention Center and charged with armed robbery and two counts of robbery.

Detectives noticed a connection between two separate incidents based on a common LetGo username “LRN J.”

Police said one victim was selling a gaming system and met with with a prospective buyer that identified by the name “LRN J” on July 31 at a BP Gas Station located on Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth.

The victim was met by two men, who looked at the game system. One man said he did not have enough money and went inside the gas station. While the victim packed up the game system, the other suspect grabbed the system and fled. The male in the gas station ran in the opposite direction.

Police released video of the alleged suspects in a nearby Dunkin’.

In a similar scenario, on July 24 another victim met with a suspect by the same username “LRN J” at a deli in Norcross to sell an iPhone. Two men also appeared at the meet up. One asked to “test the phone” and put his SIM card in it. After asking tho other man if he can borrow some money, both men ran away while keeping her phone.

Taylor Denman is a reporter born and raised in Gwinnett County. He came back home to seize the rare opportunity of telling stories about the county in which he grew up.