Jeffrey_Dorfman addresses Gwinnett Commissioners March 2019

University of Georgia economist Jeffrey Dorfman gives an economic update to Gwinnett County commissioners and department heads at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens in March.

The University of Georgia professor who has been providing Gwinnett County commissioners with economic advice for several years has been picked to build economic forecasts for the state government.

Gov. Brian Kemp announced Monday that he has appointed Jeffrey Dorfman to be Georgia’s new State Fiscal Economist. The longtime college professor, economist and author will be tasked with creating economic forecasts that are based on Georgia’s tax revenues and work with bond revenue agencies to track trends in revenues and the economy.

He will also be responsible for drafting estimates on the fiscal impact of tax-related proposals in the Georgia General Assembly.

“I am excited to serve in this new role, and I look forward to providing the state of Georgia and Gov. Kemp’s administration the most accurate and timely economic input that I can,” Dorfman said in a statement released by the governor’s office.

The college professor and economist has been teaching at UGA since 1989 and has conducted economic forecasting, food insecurity, productivity measurement and growth and sprawl economics research over the years. He has also authored three books and more than 90 articles for academic journals.

In his role as an advisor to Gwinnett County commissioners, Dorfman has been a fixture at the commission’s annual strategic planning sessions each spring. During those sessions, Dorfman has given commissioners and other county leaders an economic forecast presentation on trends and issues the county needs to look out for.

“Given Jeffrey Dorfman’s extensive background and expertise in economics, I am confident that he is the right choice to serve as the State Fiscal Economist,” Kemp said in a statement. “Over the years, Jeffrey has earned a stellar reputation in his field, mentored countless students to ensure their academic success, and provided critical insight to leaders in the private and public sectors.”

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