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After a year that has seen them move back and forth between digital and in-person instruction amid a global pandemic, Gwinnett County teachers will see a little more money in their paycheck next month.

On Thursday, the Gwinnett County Board of Education approved a one-time “salary adjustment” for all active full-time, benefited employees paid on the teachers’ salary schedule as of Nov. 19, 2020, such as classroom teachers and media specialists, in their December paycheck. The adjustment will be paid to employees as a lump sum of $700.

“This has been a tough year for teachers,” Gwinnett Schools Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks told the school board. “They have worked very hard under trying circumstances and I know you will feel that this is an appropriate expenditure for them.”

Gwinnett County Public Schools moved from in-person instruction all-digital learning midway through the spring semester when the COVID-19 pandemic reached Georgia. The district continued the all-digital format for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.

Then there was uncertainty over the summer as to how the district would handle instruction this fall when the 2020-2021 school year began.

At first, district officials said there would be a mix of digital and in-person learning, depending on the preferences of individual families for how they wanted their children to be taught.

Then the district said it would have an all-digital start, and eventually the district said there would be a mix of in-person and digital learning, based on families preferences, after all, but the in-person learning would be phased in based on grade level.

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And yet we continue to see Wilbanks and his "staff" at the top make more money every year. When is this going to stop? They are completely out of touch with what is happening at the school level, and all the employees who work for this county-not just those on the teacher-pay scale, but all the others who support teaching and learning. GCPS board-you need to make some changes!


It is very discouraging to know that GCPS does not care about the staff that supports the teachers in school day in and day out. It was expressed that the teachers have had a tough year and this is true but they were not there alone. This is a slap in the face to everyone else working in a school. Twice the teachers have received an increase in pay while the low paid classified staff has not been given a cost of living raise in TWO years. Any amount given to everyone else working hard would have sufficed but ZERO lets us know what you really think of us.


Gwinnett continues to have a top-heavy school system leaving others, many principles & areas Superintendents, yet

parapros, bus drivers and others are left out on the bonus! #GCPS! Remove the CEO! While the CEO's Secretary makes over 200000 a year! Its time to stand together community, declining schools & over inflated property taxes unacceptable. Audit the school system!


Agree! And what about Cafeteria workers? They have been on the front lines since the beginning, serving the masses, and NOTHING! GCPS is so upside down with their ideas of "appreciation" for their employees. The top level needs a change-NOW. This year more than any!


I really hope that they create something for everyone everyone that is employed with gwinnett county public schools. Nurse,janitorial, nutrition, paraprofessional, etc. Everyone is deserving of something. I mean really janitorial, nutrition, and bus drivers were the people were working when teachers were home in the beginning of the schools closing. I feel all should receive it not just certain groups.


It is remarkable that GCPS has again alienated and showed their disdain for the thousands of employees that "support teaching and learning". Last school year the bus drivers came to ask the board to look at the pay scale for bus drivers. They promised to do so, and after a small bonus was paid to drivers, no other comment has been made. Drivers bring the face to face students to school with no social distancing on the bus. No protection other than masks. The cusotioans keep the school as virus free as possible, and the folks in nutrition services feed all students. Not only the FTF students but every student through the curbside pick up and some limited bus delivery. And there are others.... I am disgusted and appalled at this slap in the face to the supporting employees. Teachers are paid the same every month...but these support folks are mostly hourly and their extra time that they count on has been drasctically cut with the lack of field trips and special programs. It is not too late the correct this egregious error. Please rethink this oversight.


One other VITAL group of people not getting a benefit... SCHOOL NURSES. They deal with sick kids, terrified teachers and staff, outrageous demands, an unreal lack of PPE and extremely old, inefficient and cramped facilities. Teachers deserve a bonus, sure... but what about the other VITAL groups who keep the system running? If you have ever had school nurse take care of your child, you should recognize that they are putting your children's safety far above their own. They have always done this, but now more than ever, they should be getting a massive thank you from the county, state, and every parent. They have to do their normal daily duties (giving your kids meds, testing blood sugar, dosing insulin, helping children deal with bullies, contacting 911 when your child hurts themselves in PE, contacting parents that are working two jobs and helping those parents find a way to pick up a sick child from school, teaching your kids about how to stay healthy, how to wash their hands, how to blow their nose, you name it) amd now they have the massive job of keeping an entire school healthy and safe. They have to follow up with you after another student gets sick (because, surprise, they are also expected to do contract tracing) and they have to deal with demands of teachers who want to send every child to them if they even have a sniffle. A typical school clinic and maybe hold 2 or 3 people safety under COVID19 distancing rules. Now there are times when they are having to deal with many times that many students being sent to the clinic at the same time. I could go on...

Gwinnett county, and most likely many other counties, should be ashamed of how little respect and gratitude they have shown for school nurses.


what about parapros thats who i really feel sorry for they are in the same classroom as the teacher i dont get it


What about the School Bus drivers who are frontline workers as well! We work very closely in a confined space transporting the children to and from school during these unprecedented times taking risk to our health! Driving special needs is very challenging and we are in close contact with the children. We were some of the first to deliver the lunches back in March of this year!! It’s not fair that backs have been turned on us and what we do!! 😡.


Imagine being SDMC/Registrar and Records Clerk all summer long. Coming up with strategic ways to ensure that teachers and other staff do not get displaced. We may not be in the classroom, but we are in the front line working with parents, students and the general public on a daily basis. We put in a lotttt of hours too. I’m disappointed and my loyalty stops here if we all don’t get the same appreciation.


And, GCPS, what about the parapros who have had to step into teaching rolls in order to accommodate simultanious in person and digital learn? I have worked harder than ever, without being allowed to use a county issued computer despite being asked to do digital teaching. I've have had to be prescribed sleeping pills and anxiety medication because my stress is through the roof. Teachers are well deserving of the bonus, but there are more than just those that teach, there are those that support as well. Please don't forget us.


Hey GCPS-what about all the cafeteria workers who have worked the front line from day 1, serving meals every day and interacting with families as they pick up their free meals daily? Don't they matter to you?????

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