Book exchanges are placed in gathering places throughout the community and contain donated children’s books. They function based on a take-one, leave-one policy.

Gwinnett Coalition of Health & Human Services is seeking artist submissions for the Gwinnett Reading Exchange & Art Transforms (G.R.E.A.T.) Little Minds book exchanges. The Gwinnett Coalition and their community partner the Hudgens Center for Art & Learning will be accepting online art submissions for book exchanges to be painted, adorned and transformed into works of art by local artists.

“We are proud that Hudgens Center for Art & Learning is our community arts partner of the Gwinnett Coalition’s G.R.E.A.T. Little Minds program,“ Ellen Gerstein, Gwinnett Coalition’s Executive Director, said. “It is undeniable that artists will have long lasting community impact on transforming these book exchanges into inspiring works of art.”

The book exchange kits were built by Maxwell High School of Technology students.

Keith Fenton, chief operating officer of the Gwinnett Coalition, said that 52% of kindergarten students aren’t at the appropriate level of literacy for the curriculum, which is linked to access to age-appropriate books. The Gwinnett Coalition and GREAT Little Minds partnered with Gwinnett County Public Schools to help produce small cabinets that will be placed at places in Gwinnett County locations such as parks, churches, schools, early learning centers, health care facilities and homeless shelters. The book exchanges operate with a take-one, leave-one policy where local families can share children’s books for free.