2019 Moxie Awards winners.jpg

The Gwinnett Chamber's 2019 Moxie Award winners gather for a group photo after receiving their awards Thursday.

The Gwinnett Chamber recognized seven women for their contributions to the county with the announcement of its 2019 Moxie Award winners Thursday.

The awards program, which is in its second year, is designed to recognize female leaders and organizations which have shown support in the advancement of women in the community and in business. Among the recipients are rising leaders as well as women who are at the peak of their careers or who are serving as pioneers for women in fields that are traditionally dominated by men.

“We are fortunate to have such a standout network of women in Gwinnett,” Gwinnett Chamber Senior Vice President of Programs and Events Alicia Krogh said. “The Moxie Awards give the Gwinnett Chamber an opportunity to thank and pay tribute to those who do so much for our community.”

The Moxie Award was given to Cathie Brazell from Northside Gwinnett, which was formerly known as Gwinnett Medical Center until this week.

Other awards recipients for this year include: Accent Creative Group (Enlightened Employer Award); Explore Gwinnett's Lisa Anders (Greater Good Award); CAB Inc.'s Terri Jondahl (Influence Award); Sugarloaf Community Improvement District Executive Director Alyssa Davis (On the Rise Award); Delmar Gardens of Gwinnett (Outstanding Organization Award); and Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful's Schelly Marlatt (Pay It Forward Award).

The event also included a panel discussion with North American Properties Partner and Vice-President Liz Gillespie, Okabashi CEO Sara Irvani, Metro Atlanta Chamber President and CEO Hala Moddelmog and RaceTrac President Natalie Morhous.

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