Data released by the Georgia Department of Education on Wednesday shows Gwinnett County Publics Schools had a slight decrease in graduation rate in 2019, while the state improved slightly overall.

Data from GCPS schools showed that the graduation rate decreased from 81.7% to 80.9% in 2019. The five-year graduation rate, which includes students who graduated after summer school or additional time in school beyond their cohort’s May graduation date, rose to 84.27%.

Berkmar High School, Dacula High School, Gwinnett Online Campus and Norcross High School all saw the largest gains in graduation rate. The county also reported gains in specific demographics, including Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, English Learners and Students with Disabilities.

Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology reported the county’s highest rate at 100%. North Gwinnett High School reported the second-highest 2019 rate with 96.3% and Brookwood High School reported the third-highest rate at 94.1%.

In 2018, the district’s four-year graduation rate was 81.7%, according to GCPS. Since May of 2018, GCPS’ rate has increased to 84.27% as additional Class of 2018 students successfully met graduation requirements.

The county reported 12 Gwinnett schools posted four-year graduation rates above the state average.

“Our schools are focused on helping all students graduate,” associate superintendent Steve Flynt said in a statement. “While the vast majority of our students graduate within four years, we are committed to supporting those who need additional time. We want to graduate students, but not at the expense of not educating them to the levels they need to be successful in the future.

“A diploma from a Gwinnett high school states that a student has not just met, but surpassed the graduation requirements of the state. It is not just about our students completing high school or our schools raising graduation rates. Our work and the programs offered in Gwinnett high schools are designed to help prepare our graduates for college and careers.”

Buford High School’s rate in 2019 was 92.6%, a slight decrease from 93.2 in 2018.

State graduation rates have continued to climb each year since 2012. The state’s overall graduation rate in 2019, 82%, is an all-time high. It’s increased from 69.7% in 2012.

“Georgia’s graduation rate continues to rise because our public-school students have access to more opportunities than ever before,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “From Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education to dual enrollment to the fine arts, there is an unprecedented emphasis on supporting the whole child and making sure every single student understands the relevance of what they’re learning. I’m confident we’ll continue to see these gains as long as we’re still expanding opportunities that keep students invested in their education.”

School — 2017-2018-2019

Archer — 88.5-90.7-86.7

Berkmar —71.1-70.6-74.7

Brookwood — 93.2-92.4-94.1

Central Gwinnett — 81.8-78.7-77.2

Collins Hill — 85.6-83.2-84

Dacula — 88.4-83.5-87.1

Discovery — 75.1-78.9-73.5

Duluth — 78.8-81.4-80.9

Grayson — 92.3-93.1-90.8

Gwinnett Online Campus — 38.2-38.9-51.0

GSMST — 100-98.3-100

Lanier — 92-90.5-89.4

Meadowcreek — 75.2-76.9-77.2

Mill Creek — 93.5-93.8-90.7

Mountain View — 86.6-87.9-82.6

Norcross — 69.2-74.5-77.1

North Gwinnett — 95.9-96-96.3

Parkview — 94.1-92.1-90.5

Peachtree Ridge — 91.7-91-89.9

Phoenix —13.2-13.6-11.7

Shiloh — 80.3-82.5-77.3

South Gwinnett —79.5-78.8-81.9

GCPS — 80.9-81.7-80.9