Gwinnett County Public Schools Associate Superintendent Steve Flynt, left, and North Gwinnett Middle School Principal Wanda Law, right, present Grace Snell Middle School assistant principal Jennifer Johnson, middle, with a certificate commemorating her recognition as Georgia Association of Secondary School Principals’ Assistant Principal of the Year.

Former North Gwinnett Middle School Assistant Principal Jennifer Johnson was recognized at the Gwinnett County Board of Education’s August business meeting on Thursday for being named the Georgia Association of Secondary School Principals’ Assistant Principal of the Year.

Johnson, now an assistant principal at Grace Snell Middle School, accepted a certificate and shook the hands of school board members. She received the recognition near the end of the 2018-19 school year.

“I want to thank you so much for the honor of being able to come here and be recognized for such a prestigious thing,” Johnson said to board members Thursday night. “There are so many leaders in Gwinnett so deserving of this. I want to point out that part of who I am today as a leader is peppered by all of the investment that the board continues to pour into leadership development.”

GASSP selects middle school and high school assistant principals of the year. From that pair, Johnson was selected as the lone candidate to represent Georgia for the national award. As a candidate for the National Association of Secondary School Principals’ award, she attended a National Principals Conference in July in Boston.

Johnson was introduced by her former boss, North Gwinnett Middle School Principal Wanda Law, who discussed the progression of her professional development while an AP at North. Law said she showed organization while overseeing testing at North Gwinnett Middle and her expertise in Language Arts made her a good fit as an instructional leader, Law said.

Johnson first oversaw an entire grade level at North Gwinnett Middle. She currently oversees eighth grade and Language Arts at Grace Snell Middle. Law said Johnson also mentored teachers interested in pursuing leadership positions in the school system while at North Gwinnett.

“She is truly an instructional leader,” Law said.”She knows what it is to model, to help teachers, to support them and to just be there for them and grow leaders.”

Johnson has ambitions to be a principal and completed the districts program for aspiring principals that provides professional learning for assistant principals by putting their leadership theories into practice.

“I have benefitted whole-heartedly from every investment of labor from all of the area superintendents, associate superintendents — coming to really mold us,” Johnson said.

Law, a member of GASSP, expressed the mix of sorrow and pride she felt when Johnson left for Grace Snell, but ended on an uplifting note that she hoped to hear her former AP be appointed as principal in the near future.

“She is going to be an outstanding principal one day and she has my full support,” Law said.