Gov. Brian Kemp, center right, and members of the Lawrenceville-based Georgia Manufacturing Alliance wave for the camera on one of the staircases at the State Capitol in Atlanta. Kemp presented the alliance with the annual Buy From Georgia Month proclamation during the gathering.

Officials from the Lawrenceville-based Georgia Manufacturing Alliance recently headed down to Atlanta to join Gov. Brian Kemp in highlighting the products that are made in the state.

“Training children and adults about the importance of buying locally manufactured goods can change the future,” Kemp said in the proclamation. “When consumers buy Georgia’s manufactured goods, they further our local economy, protect manufacturing jobs and ultimately contribute to a greater sense of community in this state that we call home.”

This year marked the sixth time a sitting governor has issued a Buy From Georgia Month proclamation, although this was the first time Kemp, who took office in January, was the person issuing it.

The proclamation was issued by the governor in June — which was Buy From Georgia Month — but a copy of it was presented to the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance when representatives visited the State Capitol this past week.

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