In 2013, two years after Homero Gonzalez graduated from Georgia Gwinnett College, he won his second Emmy award — at that time with Telemundo Atlanta. That achievement led him to be GGC’s commencement speaker for the Class of 2013.

Almost exactly three years ago Gonzalez went independent and started his own marketing company, ULTIM Marketing in Duluth. With that company he’s brought his Emmy total to 20 in June. The 30-year-old producer was awarded the Southeastern Regional Emmy Award for Excellence in Editing in the Short Film category.

“It’s honestly, to me it’s still very unreal especially when I talk to other people and the tell me they’ve been chasing an Emmy for a long time,” he said. “I don’t take it for granted and it’s exciting every year.”

Gonzalez submitted several pieces for the category and the nominees were judged holistically. One submission was a commercial his company produced that included endorsements from 2018 Atlanta United stars Josef Martinez and Miguel Almiron.

Long hours and dedication to his craft have led Gonzalez to his laurels, but he also said his obsessive personality can make him a perfectionist. The golden evidence proves it’s paid off. He also gave credit to his production teams that work well together as his company has grown the past three years.

While he’s the co-founder, president and CEO of his company, he’s hands-on with his projects. His background is in marketing — he received an undergraduate degree from GGC in business — but he is involved in writing scripts, designing storyboards and he coordinates production materials and dates with a member of his team.

The part of the job he said he gets his creative kicks from is in the editing bay.

“One of my true passions is directing and editing,” he said. “I love coming back to see all the footage we shot. I’m involved throughout the whole process.”

He said his personality can make it hard for himself to delegate tasks.

“One thing I’m trying to be better at is passing along responsibilities to grow talent at the agency,” he said. “I grew up being a one-man band. Now that we have the team, I want to help them grow as well.”

Gonzalez has seen his award success translate to growing the clientele base of his company. It’s also made it necessary for his company to expand its staff exponentially since its humble beginnings in a small, crowded office in Duluth. The company’s first office comfortably fit two desks. He crammed it two more and they had to expand to a larger space last November.

In the new space, he requested 10 desks. Now there are just two empty spaces left and he is optimistic he will have the budget to hire two more people before the end of the year.

“It’s been growing and this recognition has definitely allowed us to walk into a client’s office and talk with authority and proof we have knowledge in what we do,” Gonzalez said.

He’s not resting on his laurels at 30 years old and tries to stay humble as he chases his ambitions.

“Overall, I think for me I always get this recognition and people always say, ‘Homero did this again,’ but honestly what I’ve been big about is I’m not doing anything different than what my peers are doing,” he said. “It’s about putting in the work and time to make quality.”